Indoor Residual Spraying

Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) is a technique applied in the AGAMal Control operations to eliminate the malaria vector thus “female anopheles mosquito”.

a female anopheles mosquito feeding on human

The insecticide is odorless and after drying is non-irritant and non-toxic to humans in its applied dosage.

The interior walls of houses are sprayed whiles spraying leaves a white residue (powder spots) of insecticide on the walls or surfaces depending on the type of insecticide used which should not be cleaned and it is not toxic.

A spray operator spraying the internal walls of a house

Mosquitoes die when they sit on the surface of a sprayed wall and areas sprayed are:
•    All internal walls of main dwelling and outbuildings like garages.
•    All ceilings, window frames, doors and shutters
•    Where possible, the insides of cupboards, wardrobes and a lot more.
•    Where applicable, under and the back of tables, chairs and other furniture.
•    Where possible and feasible, behind pictures and other wall hangings.
•    Under eaves and roof overhangs on the exterior of dwellings and buildings.

The frequency of spraying depends on the very type of insecticide, and provides protection for families for a specific period of time.

Even though there are disruption of regular routine for beneficiaries, the enormous benefits of the spraying in reducing malaria outweighs the inconveniences to them.

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