Thumbs Up for AGAMal

A 12-member delegation from Arysta Life Science and Sygenta visited the Malaria Control Centre recently and left on a note that AngloGold Ashanti is not only a caring company but it is positively working with Ghana to reduce malaria throughout the country.


The delegation came from malaria control bodies in Burkina Faso, Senegal, Guinea, Benin, Chad, South Africa, Niger and Nigeria.

Led by Dr. Rose Peter, the team was made up of Robert Ba, Hawa Diallo, Dr. Josiane Etang (all from Arysta Life Science; Kai Sievert and Ahmat Oumar Ibrahim from Syngenta; Marius Allossogbe – Palutech; Victor Aherdemla and Gideon Gadotey from CG Biostadt. Others were Olaposi Akinwuntan (Swiss Biostadt), Mamadou Wade from NMCP Senegal and Dr. Hadiza Soumaila from Niger

In the words of Dr. Rose Peter, Head of Public Health Africa - Arysta Life Science, South Africa "we are hugely impressed with what AGAMal is doing in Obuasi and other communities of IRS operations. Our hope is that this visit will open our eyes further in the fight against malaria with what we have learnt from Obuasi". 

The delegation was not only impressed with the achievements of AGAMal but was also happy with the significant reduction of malaria in the beneficiary communities and the employment generated by the programme.

According to Dr. Rose Peter, "the visit was to enable the delegation to learn at first hand and lay foundation for future collaboration and sharing of ideas on how best we can pull resources so that together, we can create common platform to fight malaria in Africa".

Dr. Hadiza Soumaila, a delegate from Niger was happy with the partnership involving AngloGold Ashanti, National Malaria Control Programme, Global Fund and other stakeholders. She commended AngloGold Ashanti for incubating the Indoor Residual Spraying Programme as part of its corporate social responsibility.

In an earlier presentation, Mr. Eric Buetey – National Operations, Research & Communication Manager of AGAMal noted that the Indoor Residual Spraying is comparatively a bit expensive but AGAMal has contributed in the reduction in malaria cases in the country, adding that "in all the communities that we have sprayed so far, absenteeism among farmers, market women and school children due to malaria has drastically reduced".

He commended AGAMal’s partners – Global Fund, NMCP, Noguchi Memorial Centre for Medical Research and various Districts and Municipal Chief Executives as well as traditional leaders for their support.


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