The Diary of a Spray Operator

From a humble beginning, Augustine Boaranzor Ngariba, a 27 year old spray operator has risen from a risky illegal mining business popularly known as galamsey to a spray operator.


 From an early stage in life where he worked as a galamsey operator at Anwiam a community in Obuasi which is known for its galamsey operations, Augustine stood in all odds and became a daily newspaper vendor for fourteen years choosing newspaper vending over easy way of making money thus galamsey.


Starting class three at an older age of 15 years in 2003 wasn’t the only humiliation he had to endure but he strived through all the negative forces associated with life to complete senior high school.

He said, “I struggled with reading, spelling of words and failed too many times but through perseverance and the favor of God, I made it through Global Evangelical School, Complex Junior High, Twapiase Senior High and Obuasi Senior Technical School”. 

Juggling from selling newspapers to books, he made time to enroll in driving school and computer school which has broaden his horizon and skills to partake effectively in the labor market.

As humble as he is, he worked and never chose the easy way out but endured every single hardship to become AngloGold Ashanti Malaria Control Spray Operator in 2013.

Some people getting this opportunity to be a spray operator will relax after the spray season ends and wait for the next spray season to work as a spray operator but Augustine has found a way of occupying himself after spray seasons by selling books and other educational materials for a living and has not given up hope into becoming a civil engineer someday.

After the end of spray season, he sells books till the next spray season begins. And that has helped him in opening his own bookshop dubbed “With God, No Poverty” behind Obuasi secondary technical school where the business is flourishing.

Now, spray season has started but he still vendors his inspirational, stories and other stationary books to organizations within the Obuasi Municipality and still hopes to go far and wide to spread knowledge and the word of God through selling.

His advice to friends is that, “we shouldn’t wait until spray season to get a contract from malaria control. We need to start something on our own. Start your own business with the small money you have so that it can flourish and help your community and yourself”.

He stressed that, “The devil cannot use you when you are working. It’s the small money that can increase when you use it wisely by working with it to gain profit”.

Most workers have never had to deal with investing and saving monies for future use and they turn to suffer at the end. They normally misuse theirs monies on extravagant lifestyles such as spending on women through gifts, drinking and partying etc.

I feel you just don’t have to be like everybody else. You don’t have to party and buy expensive gift for people to appreciate you for who you really are.  We need to cut our coats according to our cloth

and the reason each and every one is different is that being different is good and that makes us who we are.

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