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There are two sections under the M&E Department

  1. Data Management

This department is primarily responsible for collecting, validating, processing and storing all IRS and related data in manner that is reliable, accessible and on time so as to satisfy the needs of the data users and also to track and monitor the progress of IRS.

  1. Entomology

The responsibility of the AGAMal M&E Unit is to provide data on vector transmission dynamics, insecticide resistance profiles, insecticide batch potencies, effectiveness of spray applications, efficacy of insecticides used for the IRS operations on sprayed surfaces and the elucidation of mechanisms of insecticide resistance and its impact on the vector control. The staff consists of an Entomologist, Entomological Technologists and Insectary Technicians who coordinate all activities in a well-equipped insectary and molecular laboratory.

Our Goal

To contribute to the reduction of diseases of public health importance, in line with national and international priorities.

E: info@agamal.org

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