The Safety Health and Environment (SHE) Department forms a very important integral component of the AGAMal Indoor Residual Spraying Program from the preparations to the end of all operations within the program.

Our activities are structured with the primary aim of preventing all workplace accidents, injuries and environmental pollution. We put high priority on safe and healthy work practices and systems, and seek to create a workplace full of potential-reaching employees who are swift to identify Hazards and put in place controls to manage risks.

We create this through establishing a robust safety culture that recognises the people and encourages the systematic approach in hazard Identification, and effective risk management. Procedures alone will not create a safe work environment. Individuals are encouraged to be mindful at all times, of their environment and actions, taking personal accountability for ensuring their workplaces are safe.

Equally, our health programmes are designed to recognise, evaluate and control the health hazards associated with our Indoor residual Spraying activities and employees’ life style.

The SHE team is headed by a Manager at the national level, deputised by an officer and over sees all health, safety and environmental issues related to Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) in the country. District Operational Officers are empowered to manage SHE issues within their districts and escalate when necessary.

The team trains, develop procedures and advise management on all Safety, Health and Environmental issues.

Before Spraying activities commence, the SHE team ensures all movements of assets and setting up of offices, are done without any incidents. A SHE induction is conducted as part of on-boarding to review previous incidents and equip employees with knowledge to effectively execute their tasks without harm. To prevent environmental pollution, the team ensures all soak pits (pits for the management of chemical waste) are available and in good condition for use.

During operations, a SHE audit is conducted to ensure all activities are carried out as per AGAMal standards and best operational practices. Other operational supervisory visits are made to the various operational sites for observations. Daily SHE briefs and talks are prepared and sent to the various sites for their daily SHE talks targeting general and operational health, safety and environmental issues.

After operations, the team ensures all asset movements are done without incidents including the closure of soak pits and ensuring all employees are disengaged very healthily and without issues. During this season period, all renovation activities are carried out under the keen supervision of the SHE Team. The team equally embarks on research, surveys, and sample analysis to ensure the IRS activities do not leave the various communities worse off due to our operations in that community. As part of our core values “safety is our first value” and “we protect our Environment”.


Our Goal

To contribute to the reduction of diseases of public health importance, in line with national and international priorities.


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